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Use our design center to find the right colors for your home. Choose from multiple stain options and wood species that are available from Green Prairie Woodworks.

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J&R Woodworking and Indian Trail produce fine Amish bedroom furniture collections. Take an inside look at their building process for a glimpse into the world of Amish woodworking.

Out in the rural area of Greene county Illinois they have a very nice and calm setting. They also have a very large showroom….

Derrick Yoder

I enjoy going to this store. Beautiful indoor furniture & outdoor furniture. Seriously, I have to put blinders on.

Theresa Davidson

Everyone should visit this store! I have made a wishlist of furniture. Made to last, the old-fashioned way! They have delicious meats and cheeses too!

Debbie Odaniel

Amish Handcrafted

From start to finish, each piece of furniture we sell at Green Prairie Woodworks has received the same level of care and craftsmanship we would create for our own family. With over 120 stain and wood choices and a wide variety of styles, you will find the perfect match for your home!

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